Galbraith Tree Farm LLC Purchases Tree Farm at Galbraith Mountain

BELLINGHAM, WA (June XX, 2017) — Galbraith Tree Farm, LLC has announced the purchase of 2,240 acres of the tree farm at Galbraith Mountain. Timber management at the Bellingham, Washington tree farm will continue under Janicki Logging and Construction, which has managed operations since 2010.

“Galbraith Mountain is an integral part of the Bellingham community. We are proud to assume responsibility as its steward for the residents of, and visitors to, northwest Washington,” says Rob Janicki, founder of Galbraith Tree Farm LLC.

“One of the motivating factors behind the purchase of the tree farm at Galbraith Mountain was our desire to provide continued access to the 45-plus miles of trails that are used year-round by tens of thousands of bikers, hikers and runners,” says Kiersten Sahlberg of The RJ Group, the Bellingham-based firm representing Galbraith Tree Farm LLC.

Eric Brown, Trail Director for the nonprofit organization, Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition, says his organization has been working with Janicki Logging for the past seven years and are looking forward to continued mutual cooperation with Janicki Logging. “We are excited about having Galbraith Tree Farm LLC be the new landowners.

Janicki Logging is well respected for its sustainable timber harvesting practices. With the tree farm at Galbraith Mountain now under ownership of Galbraith Tree Farm LLC, the company will expand on those practices, selling its crop to local manufacturers along the regional I-5 corridor and harvesting at sustainable levels.

“As residents and long-time business owners in the Bellingham area, we are passionate about working with our neighbors and our communities. Through the purchase of Galbraith Tree Farm, we hope to continue to grow and enhance our region in a positive and sustainable way,” says Sahlberg.
— Galbraith Tree Farm, LLC
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